Tielin Ding ︎

  1. Grass, Mountain and Traffic Cone
  2. A Walk with Blaze 和树号的一次行走
  3. Meandering Markers of Murmurs
  4. A Walk with Traffic Stick
  5. Between /pɪŋ/ and /pɑŋ/
  6. Matches of Matches
  7. An Apple Made of Foam and Cement
  8. Fountain Tracing Through Trees Rubbing
  9. A Man Holding a Stop Sign 
  10. The Sound-truck of
  11. Beyond the Surface 象外
  12. Portrait/Editorial 
  13. other works

Born in 1996 in Chongqing, China. Tielin Ding is a wanderer, observer and mixed-media artist whose diverse practice involves working with playful objects, indeterminate traces and movements to create performative actions. His application of “Mapping” and “Walking” gives him more opportunity to reflect on invisible systems within urban and natural spaces.  Under the practice of way-finding, mark-making and game-changing, he has been very interested in drifting in the field of language and space, risking getting lost from point A to point B. He studied architecture engineering at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture for his bachelor and  MFA in photography at Parsons School of Design, The New School in NYC.

Artist CV︎ 


The Sound-truck of   

Thinking of the notion of construc(k)tion site, or the (non)sites of construc(k)tion, I am wondering what is the soundscape composed of in “Construc(k)tion Site”. Under the entanglement among form, sound and materials, how many different verbs can be activated onto cement, concrete, steel so on? These photographs are taken across different cities, I am trying to blur the spatial and cultural context of each photograph and think about them in a more conceptual way.  John Cage was asking in1958, which is more musical, a truck passing by a factory or a truck passing by a music school?